Saturday, November 19, 2011

todos os caminhos vão dar a...

(when i was looking elsewhere…)

seemed like the 60s was dating the 2000s

maybe some manga cartoons went for a walk in rome...

on their way to vatican

spanish japan steps

(coleseo, piazza del campidoglio, piazza san pietro and Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti (or spanish steps); roma, oct 2011)

todos os caminhos vão dar a … (3)

nice colors and shadows (well done, mom)

we could almost play the game "name this fountain"…

when do people leave??

(palatino, piazza navona, fontana di trevi; roma, oct 2011)

todos os caminhos vão dar a … (2)

converse for missoni

(condotti, roma, oct 2011)

todos os caminhos vão dar a...

i came for spartacus, god of the arena…

…i went to rome this october, for holidays. It was a very imposing experience (i could have used other adjectives like monumental or imperial, which seem perfectly meant for this, but it would be redundant). The richness they have in classical history is magnificent though, sometimes, may feel like there's so much that they gave up handling it….the language floats beautifully in our ears and the small gastronomic sample i had the opportunity to try tasted as good as i expected.
In the attempt to make to the most monuments, museums and churches as possible, i think i lost the time to find and appreciate part of "la dulce vita"…so i hope to return, to find the handsome roman citizens, try more pasta, relax and observe the piazzas….

(coleseo, roma, oct 2011)

the long well walk

i love people with great ideas, specially when it makes me wanna join!

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hindi zahra @ tmn ao vivo 2011

it was precious